Isaiah 55:18-19

Open my eyes that I may see the beauty and wonder in Your Word.

Thought for the Day:  God is all around us

“Finally!”, I said to myself as I entered the park to walk.  Since beginning my new position, I have found my time away from work has been spent either cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, or taking care of my family.  I have thought often about taking a special walk, but that thought quickly faded as one responsibility or another came to my mind.  I am thankful for my new position, but I have missed my walking time.  Today, I was determined that a walk was going to happen…and it did.  Entering the park, I immediately smelled a familiar scent of the trees and mulch.  I smiled a bit and continued walking the path.  My eyes went immediately to the trees, leaves, and other nature around me.  My habit of finding pretty things began and I felt at home.   With camera in hand and on ready, I began seeing my favorite things in the park and I began taking pictures.  Blue heron, turtles, flowers, plants, and egrets.  As I began walking the equestrian path, I began thinking about the bear making its way around the area so I turned back.  I turned back to walk up a paved path I love.  As I walked up the “deep grade” area, I sat on a picnic table where I have sat many times before.  I found myself realizing I had been right there in that spot many times praying that God would open the door for a position for me.  As I sat today, I said thank you to God and realized that was not even enough to start saying thanks for what he has done.

As I walked today, I also ran across several “park friends” who I have had many conversations with through the last year.  I, the “lady with the camera”, passed a gentleman who I had a conversation with a few months ago about the snakes in the area, walked with a dear friend who has recently been given the words, “There is no cancer!”, and another who is expecting a grandson soon.  “What touched me the most during my walk today?” All!  God gave me all the glory He could rain down on me as I walked.  God reminded me of His creation and His beauty around me.

Prayer:  Father God, thank you so much for placing Your beauty in front of us.  What a wonderful reminder of who you are and that Your glory is all around us.  Thank you for the beauty and the people who bring You into our hearts each day.

Prayer Focus:  Thank you for the Park