Good Day, Bad Day, Great Day

Matthew 4:10-11

Then Jesus said to him, “Begone, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’”  Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and ministered to him.

Thought for the DayAsk God to surround you with the love only He can give.

What a day!  A day waking up to a full schedule but one that everything on the schedule was special.  Going to Church on Sunday is always a highlight so that part of our regular schedule was fine.  The next few hours of the day’s schedule seemed to be surrounded by something other than God’s love for us.  My oldest son was to go to a Student Christmas Party at church but before he was to leave he lost something special to him in a street drain.  He became so upset and would not get dressed for the party.  My youngest son was to go to the home of the sweetest lady around while we went to a function we had planned, but before he went he had a friend over and “totally” destroyed his room.  My husband and I were to go to a party with a special group of friends and we were to sing in a Christmas Quartet, but he had difficulty finding the clothing he had planned on wearing and he was having difficulty with his voice.  I also had difficulty as my throat began feeling itchy and a little raw.  As we finally made it into the car, my husband said, “Satan is really trying to mess with us today.”  At that moment, I began praying asking God to surround us with his love and to keep satan away from us.  I told satan, “Get away from us. You are not wanted here.”  We dropped our oldest son off at the home of a friend where they could go to the party together.  This friend is funny and we knew he would help cheer him up.  We dropped our youngest son off at the home of the sweet lady, and she immediately met him at her door in her wheelchair and began talking with him in the sweetest way.  My husband and I arrived at our party.  At first, we had difficulty pulling it together where we could sing in the quartet.  All of us had difficulty.  We prayed and went into the room where we sat and ate a wonderful meal prepared for the full room of friends.  Right before we were to sing, we found our way to another empty room and had a prayer.  Coming back into the room to sing, all of us felt more at ease and ended up having a great time singing the wonderful songs of the season.  We enjoyed time afterwards sharing special time with several friends, we picked up our youngest at that sweet lady’s home where he had thoroughly enjoyed himself, and we picked up our oldest from his party where he had fun.  When we returned home, the ultimate happened.  My oldest son and his daddy went out to look for the thing he had lost and it was found.  We felt surrounded by God’s love.

There are those days! There are those days when we feel everything is going wrong!  There are those days when we feel satan trying to interfere in the things God has led us to do.  On the day when everything was to be done for God’s glory was when he tried to enter.  But we prayed and God heard us.  Because of that love of God, satan had to go away because he knew he couldn’t interfere anymore.  Satan hopes that we will not recognize that those bad things are coming from him, and that we will continue down the road we are on.  When he realizes that we bring God into the situation he has no other choice than to leave. Today, I am praying that God’s love surrounds us in such a strong way that Satan cannot find a way in.  Today, I love my God and I am thankful that He always walks beside me.

Prayer:  God, thank you for sending satan away as You surround us with Your love.  We are sorry for the times we get so caught up in the schedules of life that we lose You and let satan find a way in.  Help us today to know Your love in such a strong way that he cannot find a way in.  We love you today and always.  Amen.

Prayer Focus:  Those struggling

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