God’s Beauty


Isaiah 49:13

Sing for joy, O heavens, and exult, O earth; break forth, O mountains, into singing!  For the Lord has comforted his people, and will have compass49:1ion on his afflicted

Thought for the DaySee God’s Beauty in the nature around you. 

There are days when experiences happen that can only come from God.  As I headed out for my walk on a cloudy morning, I decided not to take my camera with me.  I knew the sun would not be shining to bring the light for beautiful colors.  I walked out the door of our house without the camera and then stopped, turned around, and went back in to get it.  I decided I would put it around my neck just in case.  When I arrived at the park and walked the distance to the trail, all I was thinking was that I needed to walk quickly where I could get back and do the things I needed to do during the day.  I entered from a different entrance so it took extra time to get to the trail.  Then it happened.  I turned the corner to see the lake and on the other side of the lake the trees had the most beautiful colors, colors that almost looked like one of those paintings that you ooh and aah over as you take in the beauty.  On that cloudy morning as I walked there was a peace and serenity that I had not felt before as I had walked the park.  The abundance of clouds with just enough light to bring out the colors was the gift God gave me to see the colors in a different way.  The walk was beautiful and lovely in a way that touched me deeply.

Spending that time in the midst of those colors brought God’s peace to me for a few minutes.  As I walked, I looked up, down, across, and inward to see the next gift of beauty from God.  Then I watched the other people as they ran pushing their babies in running strollers, as they walked as fast as they could to see how many miles they could walk, and I saw those who passed me a couple of times making it two times around the trail before I made one.  I wanted to call out, “Don’t you see how beautiful God’s creation is?”, and “Why don’t you slow down and see God the way I am seeing Him right now?”  I’m sure as those same people saw me they were thinking, “Man, is that woman slow.”, or “I’ve passed her already two times.”  I also witness those people who walk for their health but they walk to spend time with their spouse and those who are alone in life and take time at the park because it is the “highlight of their day.”  I choose to take time observing God’s gift of beauty for me and as I feel the excitement in me when I turn to see another beautiful scene, I will be thankful and will cherish my time with Him.

Prayer:  Father, You are beautiful and you bring beauty to our lives if we will only open our eyes to see.  You have created all of this for us and we are thankful.  Help us today to take “You” in as we see all of the beauty around us.  Amen.

Prayer Focus:  Those Taking in God and His Beauty 

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