Waiting for God’s Open Door

Proverbs 3:5-8

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.  Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.  It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones.

Thought for the DayCherish every day.  Thank God every day.  Look for God’s open door every day. 

Waking way too early thinking about the many things that need to be done and the things I have put off “waiting” for my answers from God about my next step happens much too often.  As my husband and I walked through the church where he is the Minister of Music and Worship, he said, “I really love this place!”  I replied, “I do, too.”  We shared that we both feel welcomed by everyone in the church and feel so much love from them.  As the doors of our new Worship Center have just opened, we feel God has placed us here for a purpose and that He has guided us to this place.  As usual, I caught myself saying, “Our boys love it here and I love seeing you so happy in your position.  I love directing children’s choir, and I love writing and taking pictures.  The only thing missing is a job for me.”  As I have always found it easy to find positions in the areas I love, first youth directing and then teaching, it has been difficult wanting to work and not being able to get a job.  Driving into our subdivision recently, my thought went to “You have been trying and working so hard to get a teaching position, maybe you are not supposed to teach.”  My heart sank and leapt at the same time. It sank because I know I love teaching.  It leapt in wonder thinking about where God might be leading me.  God only knows in this moment what I am to do, and I am ready to hear His plan.

So what now, so what do I do in the meantime?  What is one to do when they are waiting for God’s answer to their prayers but the answers don’t seem to come.  Looking back two years to when it was my husband who was looking for a position, I remember well the prayer times we had where we were crying and shouting as we prayed.  We wondered why God had led us to that hard place.  My husband interviewed anywhere he could, in mostly smaller churches.  He gave it his all in each of those situations and was disappointed each time a door was closed.  When this position was offered him, we knew immediately why God had not allowed those other positions to be his.   I have now wondered why God has led me to this hard place.  I have interviewed anywhere I can, some near and some far away.  I have heard the words, “You did great!” and “I am keeping my fingers crossed for you because you were wonderful” from interviewers, but the positions have gone somewhere else.  Just as my husband, I have felt disappointment each time a door has closed…even when I knew it was not a good situation for me.  In my heart, I know God has protected me from entering a door where I did not belong but in my mind (and emotions) I have been disappointed.  Now I wait and I recognize quickly that I have had so much fun writing and have a new love for photography.  Now I wait for God to open the door that He wants me to go through.  Now I depend on God to help us through my time without a job.  Now I wait for Him to open the door so widely that I cannot miss that I am supposed to enter.  Now I wait, and pray for God’s hand to reach down to grab mine and say, “Follow me…I am leading you to where you are to go.” Now I wait to find out why God closed the doors I have attempted to go through and what obvious door He is leading me through.  Now I take in each moment, knowing that God has led me there.  I believe He is leading me through each day and giving me each moment.  I believe that soon I will look back to see why God let those doors close because I will know the door He leads me through.  Oh, God, take my hand – lead me on – to the door You have opened just for me.

Prayer:  God, thank you for loving us and for giving us such beauty around us each day that helps us focus our eyes on You.  Be with us as we take each step and open the doors You want us to walk through.  You are an awesome God.  Amen.

 Prayer Focus:  Those looking for the Open Door  

2 thoughts on “Waiting for God’s Open Door

  1. Donna, I really enjoyed today’s devotional as I do each day when I find time to sit peacefully and enjoy your words. I want you to know that I pray for you in finding the work that will fill your heart. A job can be just a job. Finding the right one, the one where we should be, only come with God’s direction. It is hard but have patience and peace.

    As you, my love of work was teaching. Thirty four years was an opportunity to learn much and also to hopefully prepare high school students for higher learning and for their future. God lead me into an opportunity several years ago to teach two adult classes on divorce each month. I know God lead me to do this. Why?

    Some years after your family moved from Camden first, I went through a very hard divorce. Through the years my main focus was to raising my two children, growing in my faith, caring for grandparents, then eventually parents. I always thought of others first. Both of my children have returned home to raise their families. Having them and their children close is such a great joy.

    I do understand and feel your desire to find just the right job. I also seek in my heart for the first time in too many years to mention the person God has for me. It is certainly not a job, but what I believe He wants me to have to fulfill my life. It is so easy to become impatience and question why the delay. I believe He tests our faith and strength in our wait. His time is the right time.

    So with faith, patience, and love, continue to seek what God and you desire.

    My prayers will continue.


    1. Thank You, Betty! You have always been special to me and I am humbled to have you praying for me. Your words of wisdom and taken in love, and I do want God’s desire for my life – that’s all I want. I just want to know what it is. I will pray for you as well. It has been a long, a very long time since I lived in Camden but a huge part of my heart remains there. I shared with my husband that you probably taught me, through typing class, one of the most important skills as I use it every day – A LOT! I still think of you fondly as I watch my fingers speed across the keys. Thank you for your sweet words and know that I do know that God is good and He is leading me, in His time, to where He wants me to be. Love you so much and appreciated you more than I can say.


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