Psalm 37:39-40

But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; He is their strength in time of trouble, The Lord helps them and delivers them; He delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in Him.

Thought for the Day: Lean on God when you feel out of control.

As I awoke on that morning about eight or nine years ago, I experienced waking up to one of the craziest moments I have ever encountered. I awoke to the room “spinning”. It seemed as if it was literally spinning and when tried to stand up, my body could not. That was the first and, thankfully, only time I had ever experienced vertigo. My husband got me to the car and we traveled to the emergency in our hospital nearby. After checking me to rule out anything serious, they gave me medication that slowly brought me back to my “non-spinning” self. All they could tell me was that it was vertigo, and that it might or it might not happen again. Today, as I had my devotional reading time, I was back in that house where the vertigo happened. I clearly remembered that morning as I looked up to see the dark molding that surrounds the top of the room. I remembered that molding moving and how out of control I felt.
I still remember that morning very well, and I remember thinking that my mind was out of control. I felt scared and I guess a little abandoned as my normal was gone and for a few hours, I wasn’t sure it was going to come back. If it had not been for my husband letting me lean on him, I would not have made it through. After several hours, my mind began to clear and I felt the spinning slow and after a couple of days I returned to my normal comfort. As we go through those moments of feeling out of control in our lives, it is sometimes hard to see the big picture that God is in control. But He is, and when we feel those moments, we can lean into Him, as I did with my husband for comfort. We can lean on Him through the struggle and then can depend on Him to bring us through to comfort.

Prayer: Father, thank you for bringing us comfort in our times of need. Help us remember each day to lean on you as we feel out of control. You help us take each step and we need to remember to lean on you more. Amen.

Prayer Focus: Those experiencing medical issues

2 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. Donna, I hope you are well. I enjoy and use each of your devotions. I have not been receiving them and just prayed you and your family are well. Thank you so much for caring about your many Devotions Family. May God bless you.


    1. Thank you so much! I did miss a couple of days and shared on Facebook that things had been crazy lately. Between traveling and a couple of interviews, I had to miss writing. And that is hard as my writing time gets me going each morning. Thank you for your sweet words. I just shared today’s “Donna’s Morning Coffee”. God bless.


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