The Praying Hands

imageIsaiah 41:10

Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.

Thought for the Day:   As we remember loved ones, let us remember how they led us is our faith journey.

Looking through things at my family cabin last week to decide what needed to stay for sale or needed to be packed to bring home was difficult.  In every drawer, cabinet, shelf, or display was something that brought back memories.  The drawers contained trinkets and items that are not worth anything, but when I pulled them out I remembered special things about my Daddy and Mama.  Fishing reels, weights, and lures brought to my mind memories of my Daddy preparing for his fishing days.  Decoupage boxes and pictures were everywhere, hanging on walls and laying in display cases, reminding me of my mother’s many hours in our home kitchen gluing, sanding, varnishing, fine sanding, and buffing the pieces to perfection.  Boxes of puzzles and games such as Trivia Pursuit and Monopoly reminded me of all the puzzle and game times our family had together while we visited the cabin.  The item that grabbed my attention the most and probably was the item I packed the quickest was my Daddy’s praying hands sculpture.  During the years since we visited the cabin, I have wondered where that sculpture ended up.  I thought maybe I had packed it in the attic years ago or that something else had happened to it.  I had been concerned a few times about its whereabouts.  I found a special part of my family memory and now it is a part of our new home.

What was so special about that sculpture?  I have a couple of other praying hand sculptures in our house and I have seen many in stores I have visited.  What makes that special is that it was special to my Daddy and that it was always placed in our home as a constant reminder to pray.  That sculpture adorned special places in my parent’s homes, but it must have adorned my memories as well.  In these years since I last remembered seeing the praying hands, I have often thought about them and wondered where they were.  As a child, people and places become important to our faith journey, and we remember those people and places fondly.  As a child, the praying hands became an important part of my faith journey.  It wasn’t the sculpture though, it was that it was a part of my Daddy’s faith journey and since he shared his faith with me, it is now a part of my faith journey.  What do I think of now as I look over at the Praying Hands on the hearth?  My Daddy’s faith in our precious God.  What do I want my children to think about when they look over at the Praying Hands on the hearth?  Their Mama’s and Grandfather’s faith in our precious God.

Prayer:   God, thank you for memories of times past.  Thank you for memories of not only our faith journeys but the faith journeys of those who have gone before.  As we remember our loved ones in special ways, let us remember most where their faith helped us in our faith journey.  Amen.

Prayer Focus:  Faith Journey

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