Reflection in the Water

dsc_2280Proverbs 27:19 (NIV)

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

Thought for the Day:   How will we be a reflection of God’s love today?

I love taking pictures, and recently I have enjoyed taking pictures of nature where water has been present.  As I thought about the pictures, I realized that in every one of the pictures involving water, there was a reflection of something else in the water.  Some of the pictures reflected trees from across a lake, some reflected the sunrise on the water, and one of my favorite images is when there is a lighted cross that shines its light into the reflection.  Walking near Lakeshore Camp this weekend, I took a lot of pictures of birds, water, trees, and other natural things.  I wasn’t looking for the reflections that were present until later when I viewed the images.  What beauty shone through in those simple reflections in the water.

Today I read about the feelings that are shared in our world today about how bad things are in the world.  The writer wrote about the light that shines through the bad to show that there is still so much good in the world.  As I thought about that and then I thought about the reflections of beauty in the water, I was touched.  The things that are reflected in the water are not really physically in the water, but they are there in our sight to add beauty and good to our view.  Isn’t this how God is.  God stands tall and is with us all the time, but we cannot see His image. But can we?  He is in those trees on the other side of the water and He is in the sunset we see.  But, He is also in the reflection that comes into the water in the form of His children who reflect His love and mercy into the world.  When someone reaches out and helps someone in need, the reflection of God is there.  When someone goes into a dangerous place to save a stranger from harm, the reflection of God is there.  When someone shares a hug with a hurting or grieving friend, the reflection of God is there.  The reflections of God through His children are more beautiful than any photograph of water reflection anyone could ever take.  How will we show God’s reflection in how we live and what we do?

Prayer:   Father, thank you for the beauty You give us every day in the gift of nature.  Thank you for creating the reflection of Your love through your children who show Your love in the world each day.  Help us be a reflection of You to someone today.  Amen

Prayer Focus:  Showing God to those around us.

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