Light Comes into Darkness

John 1:5

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Thought for the Day:   Light streams into the darkness – pray

“Light streamed into the darkness, but darkness did not stream into the light.”  These were the words that were emphasized in The Upper Room Devotion today.  What a wonderful thought as we enter into a new day!  What a wonderful thought in the midst of everything that seems negative and dark in today’s world!  To think that God’s lightness can bring light into the dark.  It does seem sometimes that the darkness can come into our lives and into our hearts, but that is when we put our faith totally in God.  In putting our love and faith in God, the darkness cannot come in.  Yesterday, one of my friends shared a video of Beth Moore speaking on praying out loud to God.  She said there are times when we need to read scriptures about God’s love and light out loud and we need to pray out loud.  So, I did, after a time of turmoil in life recently, I “preached”.  Of course, I preached in my house behind closed doors.  I read a chapter in Romans, out loud, and then I prayed my concerns and needs out loud.  When I finished, I felt refreshed and full of hope.

Darkness cannot come into our lives when we are fully spending our time and energy on God.  But, when we find ourselves in a tough and hard time in our lives, we can look toward light and pray.  When we look toward God, the light bursts forth and lights a path before us.  “Light streamed into the darkness, but darkness did not stream into the light.”

Prayer:  Father, thank you for bringing the light into our darkness.  Help us each day to remember that when we look to You, darkness cannot come into our lives in a way that brings us down.  You are our light. You are our hope.  Amen.

Prayer Focus:  Those feeling darkness

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