Ten Years

Philippians 4:6-7

Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Thought for the Day:  We are all children of God

As I finished my search for all the items on my boys’ school supply lists and I began my drive home, I became overwhelmed with emotion and began talking (maybe a little yelling) at God.  As school begins and I find that I am not beginning the school year with a classroom of students, which is the strangest feeling I have ever encountered, I began talking and praying.  During my prayer time in the car, I mentioned that I would love to hear my Daddy’s or Mother’s advice in this moment.  “If I can’t hear Your voice, God, please let me hear their voices and feel their hugs.”  After a few moments, my prayer time continued with my asking for peace and a clear sign from God about where I am in this moment.  I know a couple of reasons God wants me to be where I am right now, one being my youngest child who needs me to be available as he continues in school.  My family has recognized that God’s reason for placing me in the part-year position earlier this year was for my child and not for me.  That being said, I still prayed, “God, You said that if we have faith of a tiny mustard seed (I’m pretty sure I have the faith of something that tiny), then ask in Your name and we will receive.” So, once again, I asked for peace and discernment for where God is leading me and that if it is a teaching position, for me to hear that soon.

Today, after these moments, I realized that it was ten years ago today that my precious Daddy passed away.    It is very hard to believe it has been ten years, but in a way it seems like an eternity.  Today, as I prayed, I see him and I hear him.  I remember advice he gave me and I remember the love he had for me.  Today, I remember that he told me on his deathbed, after I had not been teaching for several years to take care of my son, that I needed to go back because I loved it so much and he missed my stories about my students.  I took that advice, and loved those next years teaching second grade.   Today, I yearn to hear his voice, and although I cannot hear his physical voice, I can remember his love and the wonderful hugs he gave.  So, in a way my prayer has been answered – I have heard Daddy’s voice.  Today, I yearn for the clear direction I am sure God will give soon.

Prayer:  God, thank You for memories of loved ones.  Thank you for answering prayers in Your way, even though they might not be what we are looking for.  Help us feel peace when the answers do not seem to come but help us recognize when You are with us.  We love you.  Amen.

Prayer Focus:  Those Remembering Loved Ones


2 thoughts on “Ten Years

  1. Dear Donna:

    As I read your post this morning, I heard a small voice tell me to write to you. You and I are believers, so I know it was God speaking! He said to tell you, “Patience…it will be in my time and it will be worth the wait.” I certainly understand how frustrating it is to wait!! I am glad that you are keeping your communication with God open and are listening with discernment. I know how much you love to teach, but try to use this time to hone your other skills…especially your writing! I really have enjoyed your daily posts. I will continue to pray that you will find peace and strength in your waiting and feel encouraged. Sending you love and hugs today!





    1. My Dear Celeste! You pegged it right – and your words might have been just what I needed on this day. I will try to call or text later. Thanks again – it takes someone who loves you to feel that discernment.


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