You and Me, We’re Meant to Be

Isaiah 49:8

Thus says the Lord: “In a time of favor I have answered you, in a day of salvation I have helped you; I have kept you and given you as a covenant to the people, to establish the land, to apportion the desolate heritages.

Thought for the Day:  God’s Timing is Always Perfect

God’s timing!  Argue with that or not, all I have to do is look at my life to see that God has always been responsible for the timing of when things happen in my life.  After my husband, David, died I did not know what I was going to do and where God was leading me.  I had already been through so much and I truly did not know what to do next.  I turned to my Church, as I was right in doing, and they helped me stay involved in areas that helped me see God in the mission of the Appalachian Service Project and the wonder of music.    A year and a half after David died, I found myself dating Mark, a man who I had admired for a long time and who had the most beautiful voice.  Not long after that we were engaged to be married.  As we talked about our lives and our past, we realized that at the same identical time I was married to David, he was in a relationship with someone else.  Mark said he didn’t know why, but that something always kept them from making the decision to marry.  After thought and prayer, we knew why.  God was why.  God put us together for so many reasons that we cannot count, but He knew that we would be a couple of faith and would share our love for Him together.  God gave us each other to help us grieve the many loses that would come over the next years.  God gave us each other to lift our voices in song.  God gave us each other to become a parent team of two wonderful little boys.  God gave us each other to love one another in a special way.

I am thankful to God for the gift of Mark.  We celebrate our 19th anniversary today.  Today, I can now look back and see that God’s hand took mine those 21 years ago when David passed away and he led me through that storm.  I can now look back and see that God’s hand took Mark’s as he realized a relationship was not going to work out and led him through.  God took our hands and brought them together to hold each other’s hands for a life time.  Neither one of us knew about the other, but God did.  God’s timing…..perfect!

Prayer:   God, thank you for Your perfect timing!  You have brought things into our lives at the perfect time when You knew we needed something.  Please forgive us when we try to do things on our own rather than trusting in you.  You are our guide, our friend, and our Father.  Amen.

Prayer Focus:  Those going through “why” times



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