Time Away from Time Away

Psalms 119:9-19

How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to thy word. 

Thought for the Day: Take time away with God.

As the week progressed at our favorite place, Lake Junaluska, we noticed that both of our boys seemed to be acting out in ways that were abnormal for them. The day began with the eldest saying something he shouldn’t have to me and continued with him saying something he shouldn’t have to his daddy. The youngest just had a tough day saying “no” a lot and not wanting to participate in the activities. My day of concern for them brought a few tears and worry about what was going on. Dinnertime came and my husband and I decided a family night away might be in order. We drove into a small town nearby and found a nice sit-down restaurant and went inside. A few minutes after we sat down, my oldest son pulled out some UNO cards I had sent to him in a care package during a recent camp. My “three boys” began playing and any thought of the bad attitudes from earlier disappeared and we prayed, ate, shared, played, and enjoyed the time together. When we returned to our hotel, we went inside as a family and continued laughing, playing, and finally sleeping. There was a normalcy that we needed to be reminded of and when we were reminded we were brought back to a place of peace. Now, we can continue enjoying our friends during this special week with a new outlook.

Doesn’t this happen occasionally? We get into our own thoughts and attitudes and forget what is important for a moment. During that time, we also forget that God is waiting for us to look at him and see that He is the most important One in our lives and that we should always know He is near. Sometimes we need a time to get away and reflect for a moment. Sometimes we need to do this for an all important “attitude adjustment”. I am so glad that God loves me so much that no matter what attitude I have that takes me away for a moment, I can always know that He will still be there waiting patiently for my return.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for time away. Thank you for being there for us when we need that time away. Please forgive us when we let our attitudes take us away from you. You are all knowing and all loving, and I am thankful that You are always there for us no matter what we are going through. Amen.





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