God’s Encouragement through Others

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your path.

Thought for the Day:  God even plans who you see each day

Sometimes it seems that God leads you to a place and that place brings you what you need.  Recently, we traveled back to our previous town where we could continue working on the house to get it ready to put on the market.  While we were there, we ran errands to the bank and to other places.  As we walked into the bank, we noticed a young lady as she sat on a sofa looking down reading a book.  When she raised her head, we realized she was a precious child who had been in our son’s class for several years. She was also the younger sister of a student I taught.  We talked a few minutes then her sister and mother came out of an office where they had been doing business.  When her sister saw me, a beaming smile came on her face and a big hug came to me.  We talked for quite a while and shared about what was going on now.  When I mentioned that I still did not have a teaching position for next year the mother said, “I can’t see you doing anything but teaching.  You had a way in teaching reading that brought your students that foundation they needed to succeed and to love it.”  I teared up and hugged the little girl once again.  After that conversation, I told my husband that it was that child’s father who wrote me a note at the end of that school year about how well his child had done under my care.  I placed that note on my home office wall when I received it.  Teachers do not get notes from fathers very often.   As I shopped in a store a few hours later, I began taking a short cut to the check-out area and as I rounded a corner I looked up to see the father who had written that note many years before.  We were shocked to see each other and he immediately said, “I hear you had a long conversation with my girls today.”  We had a wonderful chat and I left shaking my head in disbelief that God led me to him after my talk with his family earlier.

God does that, doesn’t He, and I do not take it lightly.  God led me to that child I taught in second grade who is now about to enter high school.  God led me to hear the words from her mother about my teaching.  God led me to that father who had written that letter so many years ago.  God knew that I needed to be encouraged that I am a good teacher and that I need to have patience for the position He has planned for me.  I have since found out that another candidate was chosen for a teaching position I wanted.  If this conversation had not taken place, I would be heart-broken right now, but with those words of encouragement I am able to believe that God has something even better planned for me than that particular position.  God is amazing.

Prayer:   God, thank you for bringing us situations that give us encouragement to believe that wonderful things are ahead of us.  You place people in our lives at the exact time we need them and it is amazing.  Thank You for Your awesome power.  Amen.

Prayer Focus: Those needing encouragement

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