Sharing God’s Love with Children

This devotion was written a long time ago but I thought it appropriate on the last day of school for 2015-2016

Luke 18:16

Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”

Thought for the Day:  How do we show God’s love to special children.

The school year was ending and as a teacher my thoughts went to my students and what they had achieved during the school year. Many students thrived in my second grade class, but a couple of students had continual struggles. One child, who became a student in my class late in the school year, was one of them. Each year the teachers on my grade level give the students scrapbooks to remember the school year, but this student did not have much in the way of scrapbook memories. In concern, I prayed for this little boy and what I could do to make his scrapbook special. This child is very special and has been loved by many of our school faculty as he has shared time with them in times of need. One morning, I awoke and thought of the love each of those persons had for this little boy so the thought of a scrapbook of letters and pictures came to my mind. I simply asked those special persons to write encouraging letters to this little boy and told them I would be coming around with the little boy to take pictures with them. All who were asked wrote very loving notes of encouragement. The letters were all written perfectly for his reading.

The day came when the scrapbooks were given out. Most of the students had parents in attendance but this one child had no one present to share his special scrapbook. The school counselor saw what was happening and went over to share time with him. After a few minutes, the students and their parents went to my classroom for a class slideshow. Again, this little boy was alone. A few minutes into the slideshow, I looked over to where he was sitting. As I watched, he picked up the scrapbook and came over to my desk and laid it down in front of me. He gave me the most precious hug and I noticed tears in his eyes. He then started flipping through the pages as if to show me every special word the faculty members wrote to him. Toward the end of our special few minutes, he found the first page of the letter special section. He pointed to the words, “__________, you are loved at Crosswind”. He again looked at me with tears in his eyes and hugged me one more time. Throughout the rest of the day, he wanted to go to these special friends to give hugs of thanks for their special words. This little boy had received the greatest gift on that day, special encouraging words from God through special people.

“God loves children. I repeat. God loves children.” God loves children so much that He puts people in their lives who can show His love to them. I truly believe that on that morning not long ago, when I was awakened in the early morning hours, that God was telling me of His idea and was giving me instructions for giving something special to this little boy. I am thankful that He gave me the names of special friends who could write to this little boy and could share their love for him in a special way. Today, I pray for that little boy as well as the other children who were in my class this year. I pray that he remembers the words spoken to him in those letters and that he knows how much he is loved. “God loves children. I repeat. God loves children.”

Prayer: God, thank you for loving us and especially for loving children. Thank you for people who show Your love to them. Be with us as we go through our lives to find special children who need Your love and help us know what to do to share Your love with them. Amen.




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