God’s Got This

Matthew 19:26

With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Thought for the Day:  God’s Got This

Overwhelmed with excitement and emotion, I walked through the building still under construction that will soon be our Sanctuary and ministry building. My husband is the Minister of Music and Worship so when I saw the area he will soon be working in I was overjoyed and proud. This was not being proud of him in that moment, it was being proud for him that God had laid out this clear and sure plan for my husband’s still new ministry in this great church. As I became more and more emotional at each new room view, I became more and more sure that God would soon be opening up for me the place he has planned for me in my career as well.

As I read a devotional in “The Upper Room” this morning, I read the scripture, “Jesus looked at [the disciples] carefully and said, ‘It’s impossible for human beings. But all things are possible for God.’” When I read those words, I thought about my mindset as we have gone through this transitional time. Most of the time I have felt sure, without a doubt, that God had led us to this place. Then, those human thoughts have come in giving me just enough doubt that, for a moment, things seem impossible. My husband, in his loving way, reminds me often that God has got this. My faithful praying friends have reminded me often that God has got this. God told me yesterday, as we toured the new building, “Donna, I’ve got this!” Hey, God’s Got This.

Prayer: God, thank you for assuring us in your special way that You have a plan for us and in time, You will show us what you have in store. Help us remember daily that Your plan is beyond anything we can imagine and that “All things are possible with You.” Help us believe more in You and know that “You’ve Got This.” Amen.

Prayer Focus: Those looking for jobs


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