Uncontained Joy

1 Chronicles 16:9

Sing to him, sing praises to him, tell of all his wonderful works!

Thought for the Day:  Show uncontained excitement when praising God.

Each time we call our “Lolli” and “Pop”, we have a wonderful conversation and just love seeing their faces on Facetime. Most of the time, I talk to Lolli first for awhile before we get on Facetime with the whole family. That time is when I share with her all that is going on with the boys, my husband, and with me. I ask her about how they are doing and of course she says, “We’re fine.” She is my mentor, friend, mom, and so much more. After awhile, I call everyone together to “talk” to the two of them. At this point, the excitement begins. At this point, the boys want to show off something they have been doing and the conversation “battle” begins. The boys may work together to find what they want to show Lolli and Pop, but when they are given the opportunity to talk, they each try to be first. I am pretty sure Lolli and Pop have no idea of what they boys are really trying to show them. They then go off with our phone to walk around and “show” Lolli and Pop our house and outside. Last night, our oldest took our phone into our backyard to show the area to them but it was dark and they couldn’t see anything. The youngest was still on his heels following every step. I’m sure that part of our Facetime conversation is frustrating to Lolli and Pop, but the boys love them so much that their excitement when we call takes over. They have pure excitement and joy in their hearts for those special “grandparents.”

What kind of excitement do I have when I call on God? What kind of joy is in my voice when I talk to Him? Is it a calm voice sharing about my day, my problems and needs? Is it asking for God to do something for me? Am I thanking God and giving Him praise? As I think about my last few conversations with God, I have a mix of all thanks, questions, expressions of concern, and questions about needs. But, do I have the excitement in my heart and voice, do I have such an excitement that I want to show God everything wonderful in my life all at one time. Do I have such an excitement that I cannot contain it. I want that innocent excitement that my children show their grandparents, that excitement that cannot be contained (Trust me, as a parent trying to control them in that moment – it definitely cannot be contained). I want to tell Him everything going on in my life – all at one time!

Prayer: Thank you, God, for loving us and for listening to us as we go on and on about our problems and needs. Thank you, God, for bearing with us as we go through life having only calm conversations with you. You are, God, awesome. You deserve our praise. So, God, we praise You today – we praise You in that uncontained excitement of a child. Amen.


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