My Friend is Sad

Psalm 119:18

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things in thy law.

Thought for the Day:  Open your eyes to see God – for God is always there

This week, my class read several books written by the author, Mo Willems. The main reason we read the books was because he uses word bubbles in his children’s books and we wanted the children to learn that skill. We read several of his books, but the one that caught my attention was “My Friend is Sad.” Through the story, one of the characters, Elephant, was very sad and low. The second character, Piggie, noticed the sadness and tried throughout the story to make her friend smile. She tried different costumes and each time Elephant would laugh and laugh, then he would go back to being sad. Piggie couldn’t figure out why her friend kept being sad. The reader could see Piggie throughout the story in the costumes, but Elephant was so sad that he couldn’t see her. When Piggie came into view at the very end, Elephant was so excited and wanted to share his experiences of the day with her. But he got sad again. This time Piggie asked him what was making him sad. It ended up that the whole time when Elephant was sad, he didn’t know Piggie was there but was disguised in the different costumes. He wanted to be happy, but he was sad because his best friend had not been there to share the fun with him. Finally, Piggie said, “I’m here now!”. After a moment, Elephant got excited and yelled, “You are, you are here now!” and they hugged. After a few pages of seeing images of the friends sitting with each other, Elephant said, “I need my friends,” and Piggie said, “And you need new glasses.”

As I thought about this story, I realized that many times in my life I have been sad because I was “missing God”. It wasn’t because God wasn’t there, it was because I blocked him from view and didn’t feel His presence. Piggie was there right beside Elephant all the time, but Elephant was so deep in his sadness that he didn’t see her. Maybe, just maybe, I need to put on those “glasses” where I can see that God is right there beside me all the time. Because, well, He is.

Prayer: God, thank you for opening our eyes to see You. Please forgive us for the times we let our sadness, busyness, selfishness, and fear keep us from seeing that You are right there with us all the time. Help us find the glasses that will let us see and know You are there through every moment of our lives. Amen.

Prayer Focus: Those needing “glasses” to see God.

My Friend is Sad”, by Mo Willems

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