Hearing God’s Voice

1 King 19:12

…and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still voice.

Thought for the Day:  Hearing God’s voice as He speaks

There are days when we look at life and see all of the blessings God has put before us. On those days, our hearts and our minds are open to God and our ears are able to listen in a way that is so clear that we can hear His voice speaking directly to us. There are days when we look at life and see all the struggles and obstacles before us. On those days, our hearts and minds seem closed to God and our ears only listen to the cries around us of things that need to be done. As a teacher, there is almost a guarantee that the last few weeks of school each year will have those struggles and obstacles. Last night as I prepared for my students’ end of the year celebration, I took quite a bit of time creating special certificates for each of my students. Some were very easy to complete as they are the students of high accomplishment in their school work and behavior. Some, however, were a little more difficult but as I searched my heart I was able to create certificates that met their personalities in special ways. By the end of my time, I was able to find special words of compassion and accomplishment for each of them. I was able to take a very difficult end of the year obstacle and turn it into a blessing as I thought deeply about each of my students. I heard God’s clear voice in the midst of a great struggle.

As I awoke this morning, I began thinking about those certificates and how special my time was as I thought deeply about each student. God helped me through my obstacle by giving me special words to place on a certificate for them. I experienced God’s clear words speaking to me at a time when struggles and obstacles cluttered my mind. Through the coming “6” days of school, the last days with students, I want to hear God’s voice as I work with the students and ask Him to help me speak words of compassion to the children. I want to hear God lead me through the huge “to do list” of obstacles so I can meet each one assured that He is there with me through every step.

Prayer: Father, thank you for giving us opportunities each day to listen to Your voice and to do as You are leading. Help us in those times of struggle, when Your voice seems so faint, to open our ears to Your words and to open our hearts to let You lead us. Amen.

Prayer Focus: Teachers

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