God’s Healing and Blessing

Isaiah 65:24

Before they call, I will answer, while they are yet speaking I will hear.

Thought for the Day: God hears us when we speak.

Driving to work on a Monday morning, as I am normally very tired, began normally as I talked to my youngest child about the day he was going to have and checking my GPS to make sure the traffic was okay in the direction I was heading. Then, I turned on the Pandora music that I had already set for the “Michael W. Smith” station. As I love to do, and as I have been attempting recently, I began singing to the first piece. “Shout to the Lord” came on next and I sang until I began to feel stress in my voice so I stopped. I was excited that I sang as far as I did then I wondered to myself, “I wonder if I could sing all the way through ‘Blessings’ by Laura Story?” That was the last solo I sang back before I lost my voice so it came to mind. I listened for a couple of minutes until “Shout to the Lord” ended and waited for the next song. The tune began and my eyes quickly went down to the menu to see that the song “Blessings” was about to be played. I immediately said to my son, “There is no way this song is coming on right after I thought about it!” But it was so I immediately began singing as the lyrics began. To my excitement with my eyes full of tears, for the first time in almost four months, I was able to sing through a song. God had heard me and He gave me the song to sing. In this moment I stand amazed and in awe of that timing. God, once again, showed up and showed out. My voice still needs healing time with no stress, but it is healing day by day.

Tonight, as I look back over that experience in my drive to work, I am still overwhelmed by God’s goodness. He answered my prayer and I am feeling Him working a miracle with my voice. I have never had a great voice, but no matter how I sounded I sang and I sang God’s praise. I am now looking forward to having my voice back to normal where I can continue doing what I love the most – singing praises to God.

Prayer: God, thank you for hearing us and giving us the hope we need in your answers. Help us to always remember the hope, even when fear and stress set into our lives. You are precious God and you are my God. Help me each day to feel the Spirit’s wind leading me in the way You would have me to go.  Amen.

Prayer Focus: Healing

2 thoughts on “God’s Healing and Blessing

  1. He is preparing you for your next great praise!! You are a faithful follower, even during this time of stress!! Was so great to meet you in person this past weekend. May God Bless you and your family, Donna.


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