Field of Dreams

Galatians 3:26

For in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.

Thought for the Day:  The big show awaits.

My favorite movie is “Field of Dreams.” Growing up with my brothers, Ricky and Coble, meant that baseball games were on television everyday during the summer. Ricky, a St. Louis Cardinal fan, and Coble, a Baltimore Orioles fan, scored many games meaning they kept scorebooks for the games they watched on television. Ricky actually scored a Cardinal’s baseball game the night before his death. So, when I watched “Field of Dreams” the first time, I was hooked. The part of the movie that gets to me every time in a very emotional way is when I see the players “coming out of the corn field” to play on the field of dreams. All of them had either played Major League baseball and events happened to prevent them from continuing to play, or they had dreams of being in Major League baseball but were not able to play for some reason or another. My mind goes immediately to Ricky and Coble. I can easily imagine them “coming out of the cornfield” to take their place on the field and take their place on the team. I imagine no wheelchairs, just those boys running out onto the field playing their hearts out.

Recently, our pastor preached a very thought provoking sermon. He loves baseball and he uses baseball illustrations often. But today he said, “I want to be in the big show”. He reminded us that all of us are sinners and all of us are saints, but all of us have the goal to be with God in that great family of faith, in Heaven. We all have to work hard and we all have to be accepting of others, as someday we will all be together in that great multitude of believers. So, our “Field of Dreams” awaits and we will all be together playing as the saints we are in Heaven.

Prayer:   God, thank you for great pastors who preach great sermons. The thoughts we have in our hearts and minds because of the spoken word come from you. It is awesome how Your words mean something different and something special to each listener. Amen.


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