Right Around the Corner

Hebrews 11:1

Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Thought for the Day:  God’s Plan for us is right around the corner.

“I can praise God for all the wonders I am about to see.” My heart leapt as I read these words in the “Thought for the Day” part of the Upper Room devotional for today. As I have been working through our transition over the past couple of years and working toward finding a new position now, I have found myself first looking back over the circumstances that have affected our lives. Then, I look at our present situation and think about what we are doing right now. The part that is the most difficult is trying to look ahead into the unknown and wondering what lies ahead. I know God has a plan and I know God is with me along every step of the journey, but I am impatient to know His plan right now. I keep feeling that His plan is about to show itself to me in all its glory soon as if it is right around the corner. So, when I read the words “I can praise God for all the wonders I am about to see” it touched me. Thank you, God, for all you have given me and for the hope of what is coming around the corner. I praise you for the seen and unseen, for the things present and for the things to come.

As we go through our lives putting our trust in God, we sometimes find ourselves forgetting about His plan and we try to create our own plan for our lives. God wants us to have faith in Him and to remember Him in all we do. He does not want us to fret and worry about tomorrow even though it is human to do so. The words today, “I can praise God for all the wonders I am about to see”, put me in a good place to look to God’s plan knowing His plan for me lies right around the corner.

Prayer: God, thank you for loving us are for always having Your plan for our lives. Help us be patient in the wait and help us have our eyes opened as You show Your plan to us. I praise you today God for the wonders You are about to show me and the wonders I am about to see. Amen.

Prayer Focus: Those waiting to see God’s plan


2 thoughts on “Right Around the Corner

  1. Patience is a virtue! Remember the seemingly endless wait until the job in Dacula came into fruition. There were others involved and their position had to fall into place first and the same is true now. All the puzzle pieces have to be placed and in a certain order and yours are in the mix. Take a deep breath and feel yourself resting in His arms. Love you Lolli


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