Blessed to be a Blessing

1 Peter 1:3

His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life an godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to be his own glory and excellence.

Thought for the Day:  Look for the blessings in the most difficult challenges.

It was a very busy week as I prepared and then led parent conferences with each of my parents. In a two day period, I met with the parents of 23 of my 24 students.  The preparation for each of those conferences was overwhelming as I wanted each meeting to go well.  As I had only met a handful of parents since my beginning this teaching position in January, it was also a first time meeting with most.  As I met, I got to know the parents and felt I had more knowledge about the students in my classroom.  The biggest challenge which became my biggest blessing was the meetings I had with the parents of my children who speak English as a second language.  As I met with them, my appreciation for their children in what they go through on a daily basis grew immensely.  Most of the children come into the classroom easily each morning speaking English but when they go home in the afternoon they speak their family’s language.  The meeting that touched me most was the young parents of a little boy.  As we shared, I heard them talk about their expectations for the child.  I was touched by their situation and the way they showed their support for him.  As a younger brother of several who have already learned English, he has the challenge of continuing to try, and make mistakes, as he learns.  The father shared with me that when he gets home, he will sometimes switch from Spanish to English in the middle of his sentences.   The father continued to tell me that he doesn’t care which language the boy speaks at home, as they can understand English, but mixing the two languages mid-sentence is where he needs to make correction.  This story absolutely amazed me and then blessed me more when I thought about the other seven children I have in the classroom who speak Spanish, Mongolian, or Chinese at home.  They are incredible.

The words, “Blessed to be a blessing” are the words that come to my mind as I think about these children.  One of the Spanish speaking children is one that is my “first hug” each day as she comes and stands next to me quietly waiting for me to give her my bear hug.  My Chinese speaking child draws the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen in a student, and she is in kindergarten?!  There are a lot of challenges that arise when I teach these children, but I believe God has placed me with them during this time for me to attempt to teach them in the best way I can, and then for them to teach me and bless me each day.  “Blessed to be a blessing!”

Prayer: God, thank you for placing me in a special place working with special people each day. Help us learn to look at the other person’s situation as we meet them and to understand them where we can do what we need to do for them.  Thank you for bringing us “blessings” as we meet new people.  Amen.

Prayer Focus: Teachers


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