Time to be Focused on God

Matthew 4:10-11

Then Jesus said to him, “Begone, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’” Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and ministered to him.

Thought for the Day:  Take time in the wilderness

The period of Lent is a time to look at ourselves in our personal relationship with God. As I studied about this, I read a document that helped me understand more clearly why Lent is so important in our Christian faith.  The document reflected on why Jesus was led by the Spirit and spent the 40 days in the wilderness after he was baptized.  It read, “Maybe Jesus needed some time with God to sort through the major changes happening in his life.  Maybe he needed to get away from family, friends and the familiar routine in order to see God (and himself) more clearly.  Perhaps he wanted some intentional time with God as he searched for direction and answers like you.  Like Jesus, we may need to take some serious time to pray and listen for God.”  As I read these words, thoughts I have had recently of getting away for a couple of days to have personal time came back in a special way.  It touched me in a deep way to read that even Jesus, our Lord and Savior, needed time away too.

Jesus needed time away!  We need time away to be with God!  Can we take forty days?  Probably not.  But can we find some time, even a few minutes, to focus on Him?  The document went on to say, “Lent is a great time to “repent” – to return to God and re-focus our lives to be more in line with Jesus.  It’s a 40 day trial run in changing your lifestyle and letting God change your heart.  It is a 40 day period to look at how Satan may be tempting us and how we, as Jesus, can defeat him and feel victorious in our close presence with God.


Prayer: Lord, thank you for reminding us that even Jesus needed time alone to be fully in your presence for a period of time.  Help us find those “focus times” to be with you if only for a few minutes throughout our day.  We need you, Lord.  Help us focus on You.  Amen

Prayer Focus: Those needing to feel God’s presence

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