Ash Wednesday

Luke 9:32

Now Peter and those who were with him were heavy with sleep, and when they wakened they saw his glory and the two men who stood with him.

Thought for the Day:  Stay awake and listen

Ash Wednesday is today and one of the struggles I have every year is answering the question asked by so many, “What are you giving up for Lent this year?” I normally give up bread or sweets, or something like that, which in the grand scheme of things does not do much for my spiritual growth.  As I have looked more into the thought of fasting for Lent, I have realized two things.  First, that giving up a way of life for a few weeks such as going without an item of food doesn’t really do for us what God is asking as we enter this time unless we come into God’s presence each time we say no to that item. Second, what God is calling us to do is to spend more time with Him fully in His presence.  This past Sunday was about the Transfiguration of Jesus along with Moses and Elijah.  Three disciples were also there.  Peter, James, and John fell asleep and were awakened by the transfiguration moment – they almost missed it.  Are we like these disciples when it comes to our spiritual walk with Christ?  Are we missing something God is trying to tell us because we are “asleep” in our relationship with Him.  Recently, I have felt that even though I awake early to be with Him, that I am sometimes asleep spiritually and do not truly hear Him.  I want to “wake up” and see Christ in all His glory – to listen to His voice – and to follow where he leads.  I do not want to “fall asleep” on the job.

Today, as I enter Ash Wednesday, I want to give more to God and to stay awake more as I listen for his voice.  As I enter this time, I want to be present and alert more in hearing His voice.

Prayer: God, You talk to us so much and we miss what You are trying to tell us because we are asleep spiritually when You speak. Help us, Lord, to stay awake so that when You call, we will hear.  And, when You lead us to a new area of ministry that we will be in Your presence to know how to answer.  Amen.

Prayer Focus: Those striving to hear God’s voice





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