Rushing Water

Romans 8:18

I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

Thought for the Day:  Rushing water can change to a peaceful stream.

Rain came down hard in the early morning hour giving a beautiful sound on our roof, and making me want to open the window to hear the creek as it flowed outside. When we looked out the window, however, the creek actually looked frightening to us.  The water rushed hard and it flowed in a way we had not seen before.  Not long after, a drip of water fell next to me as I wrote.  When I looked up it had dripped from our ceiling.  Later on that day, we went into the basement of our new home to find that water had puddled in most of the areas of the concrete floor.   To say the least, our anxieties rose that day and made us begin to question a lot of our choices.  When we were able, however, to have a home inspector come in and look at the areas, we were assured that the water issues could be repaired, and that the issues were not made by bad choices – just annoyances after a very strong rain.  When I looked out on the creek the next morning after the rain had subsided, it was calm and flowing normally.  The creek that normally flowed calmly and brought us peace, became frightening and brought us stress, and finally brought us back to a peaceful, calming serenity.

Isn’t this how life happens?  We go through periods when things run smoothly and we get into our routines.  Then, something happens and we feel out of control and that things will never be calm again.  That is when we normally begin to talk to God in a crucial and straight forward way, asking for His help.  When He answers, the calmness comes back and we feel we can handle the situation we have found ourselves in.  In reflection, I realized in my thoughts in writing, that I still do not pray and converse with God as I should.  It should not take a crisis for me to have a deep conversation with Him.  Maybe the crisis periods could be diverted if I were in constant conversation with Him.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for bringing calm after the storms in life. As we go from day to day, help us remember to have constant conversations with you so that when the crisis times come, we can remain more calm and ready to deal with the situations that arise. Be with us, Lord, and remind us through your loving spirit, to talk to you.  And, remind us also and more importantly, to listen.  Amen.

Prayer Focus: Those in crisis

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