Psalms 139:1-3

O Lord, thou hast searched me and known! Thou knowest when I sit down and when I rise up; thou discernest my thoughts from afar. Thou searchest out my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways.

Thought for the Day:  God knows us and is with us

It is a Saturday morning and I must admit that after a week teaching kindergarten students and then coming home to take care of the needs of my family all I want to do is rest. Last evening, I found that all I wanted to do was to get into the bed for a long sleep.  As I awoke this morning, I rested my eyes more as I sat preparing to read my devotional books and Bible verses.  After some time, I read the Upper Room Devotion and read a devotional written by a man who had earlier lived with cancer.  He shared that during his time with cancer, he learned the difference in being tired and being fatigued.  Tired is how I felt last evening when all I wanted to do was sleep.  Fatigued is when one can’t even muster the thoughts of sleep, people who are fatigued might only be able to “sigh”, as the writer wrote.  Today, I sit humbled.  Today, I realize that although tiredness comes I can physically do what I need to do and I am ever thankful.

In the devotional I read, the writer went on to say that even in his fatigued state, God knew how he felt and what he longed for. When I thought about it, I realized that even when I am so tired and all I want to do is sleep, God knows exactly how I feel.  Today, I pray for those who are fatigued that they will feel and know that God is with them.  God is with each of us, knows each of us, and loves each of us no matter how tired or fatigued we become.

Prayer: God, thank you for sleep when we are tired. Thank you for loving us, no matter how we feel.  Be with those, today, who are suffering and fatigued because their bodies will not let them do anything except to “sigh”, and give them the comfort of knowing that You are near.  Help us remember every minute that you are with each of us, you know each of us, and you love each of us no matter what we are going through.  Amen.

The Upper Room Devotional I read today: http://devotional.upperroom.org/devotionals/2016-01-23#comments

Prayer Focus: Those who are tired and fatigued


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