The Science Experiment

Acts 22:15-16

For you will be a witness for him to all men of what you have seen and heard. And now why do you wait?  Rise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on his name.

Thought for the Day:  How will we share God with someone today?

What fun and excitement I witnessed last night as I attended my first science night at my school. I was stationed in the cafeteria area where a group of college interns set up different fun experiments and displays for the children.  My assignment was to walk around to make sure everything was going okay.  As I observed the interns, I quickly noticed two young ladies who were over the top in their personalities cheering the students on as they made and observed science.  The children who went to their stations left with smiles on their faces and with something they would probably talk about for a long time.

As Christians, how “over the top” are we in our witness to those around us?  Are we excited to the point that we joyously and excitedly talk about God, or are we “ho hum” in the way we share our story of faith with others.  As I thought back over the science night, I thought about that little boy who had been to one station to make a colored goo only to have the bag containing his goo pop.  He was so sad.  Then he went to one of the intern’s stations.  When she shared the experiment with him, the tearful face changed in front of my eyes to pure joy. The beautiful thing about that moment was that I knew it was going to happen.  I had watched this intern throughout the night, and I knew when the little boy saw a remarkable thing happen that it would make him excited.  So, how am I going to witness today?  How can I bring that pure joy of knowing Christ to someone today?

Prayer: Father God, thank you for placing people in our lives who have shared your Gospel with us. Help us witness to others in the way you would have us witness, with excitement and joy.  Amen

Prayer Focus: Those Witnessing to Others

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