Remembering God in the Change

Proverbs 1:3

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

Thought for the Day:  God will be with us in the change

“Hint – I need 35 minutes, Ouch!”  As I have begun my new position as a kindergarten teacher, I have had to make some adjustments to how I do things in the morning.  It has been such a blessing going into a school where I have been welcomed so preciously by everyone.  Many have either met me in the hallway giving me support and saying “Welcome to Walnut Grove” or have popped their head in the door numerous  times to see if I need anything.  My youngest son has also been welcomed by his new teacher and soon, I am sure, everyone will know him.  I have had to adjust, however, the time it takes to get to that teaching position each morning.  Between the difficulty in being in a new time zone and driving a few miles to work, I have found myself rushed to get out the door, especially with a five year old.  The message, “Hint – I need 35 minutes, Ouch!” was the message I wrote to my husband  as I arrived a couple of minutes late recently and as I realized my giving a few more minutes for driving would raise my comfort level.  But those adjustments are being made and soon, I know, I will have the routine down and will be more acclimated in the new position.

God calls us to new and wonderful places every day.  It may not be in a move to a new place or a new job, but in the way we change ourselves to be more in tune with Him.  As I make changes to my travel routine in getting to my new position, I am also trying to make changes in the way I receive God in my heart and I give myself more fully to Him.  So far, I have been very involved in my own worries and routine that I haven’t thought too much about having God travel with me and then stay with me throughout my day.  Today, I want to find those “normal” things in life that will remind me over and over to put God more fully into my daily routine.

Prayer: God, thank you for bringing us into new opportunities. Be with us as we adjust ourselves for the changes we have to make in order to fulfill the responsibilities.  Help us more than anything to see you as we go through our days where we can feel your presence with us.  You are with us through every change and we are thankful.  Amen.

Thought for the Day: Those Changing Jobs

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