We Adopted Her

John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

Thought for the Day:  God gave us our special friends.

Today, let us rejoice!! We are children of God!! We had special friends come to help us set up and unpack in our new home. She dug into the kitchen boxes, opening each one and placing items carefully in the cabinets and pantry, and then she started unpacking dining room boxes. He set up our washing machine and helped begin the process of setting up our computer. As the day proceeded, some church friends came to help as well. As my husband introduced our dear friends he said, “We were seminary friends.” I said, “Well, I wasn’t but I came along later.” To which my sweet friend said, “Yeah, we adopted her.” There was a special feeling that came across my mind as she said that, a feeling of love and compassion. We have been long time friends and for the first time live close enough to each other to share more special times. Until now, we have each driven 4-5 hours to meet half way. Now, we are only a short drive away from them. We are family!

Writing about friends comes easily for me because it is easy to look at friendships and see the moment in time when God placed them in our lives. When I think about God and the way He formed us, I also remember that God knew before we were born the friends He would place in our lives. I have many friends who have been special in my life. When I know they are coming to visit or that we will be going to visit, my heart leaps with excitement. When we begin talking, it is as if we have not been apart because we continue where we left off. We are God’s children. We are family!

Prayer:   Thank you, God, for the special “sisters and brothers” you have given us through our friends. Help us to be thankful for them and not to take them for granted. You planned the special relationships we have in our lives and have given us family. Thank you. Amen.



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