God’s Unlimited Gifts

Philippians 1:6

And I am sure that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Thought for the Day:  God is unlimited in His gifts to us.

Over 30 years ago, I found out that I was a carrier of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. Although I knew that I probably was a carrier, that moment of surety about the situation was difficult. As I read scriptures this morning about Abram and Sarai, I read about their situation of not having children at their old age and of them thinking God had let them down. At that young age of 24, I made the decision not to have children of my own because I knew if I did there would be a great possibility that if I had a boy he would have the disease, and if I had a girl she would be a carrier. I knew that adoption was going to be my only possibility of having children. I prayed and I waited for many years before that first adoption took place. Through those 20 years, I married a wonderful man who gave me so much love and gave me a special family. But, we never tried to adopt as he was several years younger than I and we felt we needed more time before we began the process. When he passed away in a car accident, his family remained a huge part of my heart. I later married another sweet gentleman and we shared so much love but still needed time to prepare our lives for the entrance of a baby. There were times through all of these years when I thought I would not even have a child through adoption because now I was almost too old. I never thought those 20 years earlier that I would be in my forties and still not have a child. I remember weeping alone and with my husband that we were going to remain childless.

God had another plan for our life though. At the sweet ages 45 and 42, my husband and I adopted the most precious baby boy. At that precious moment when our baby was placed in our arms, our thought of age disappeared and we felt blessed. We felt God, through the social worker, handing us OUR baby, the most precious gift either of us had ever received. But, God wasn’t finished giving gifts quite yet. Later, again after several more years of waiting and thinking we were really too old, God again placed another baby boy in our arms. We felt blessed and we felt God had come through for us in bigger ways than we ever imagined.

Abram and Sarai had many troubles along life’s way and felt that the promise God had given was going to be an unbroken promise. They even took matters into their own hands not trusting that an heir was going be given but God did fulfill His promise to them. Mark and I had many troubles along our life journey that kept us from getting that child through adoption and the years made us feel we would remain childless. But, God did it. We had limited God. We let our scars and brokenness limit, in our minds, God’s ability to give us the gift of children. Now, we have two beautiful children. Nathaniel is our “Gift of God” and Jonathan is “God’s Gift”, and they were both given to us in a way that only God can imagine in His own limitless way. We are blessed.to us. You take us from the limits we place in our own minds to the answered unlimited promises answered. Help us praise You for your unlimited gifts and be more able to see You in unlimited ways. Amen.









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