Bitty Beans

Ephesians 5:20

Always and for everything give thanks in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Father.

 Thought for the Day:  Be thankful for the gifts God gives each day.

I have in my closet a toy I received for Christmas when I was young. I keep it in my closet as a memory of something I am not so proud of. One Christmas morning, we awoke to the many presents under the tree that “Santa” brought. We opened each package and as each package was unwrapped, I waited for a particular doll I wanted. When the last gift was opened, I had not received the one I wanted but a “Bitty Beans” doll. The little girl doll had a girl’s face and had a beanbag body. I remember becoming very upset that I had not received what I wanted and my parents did not know what to say to me. I put the “Bitty Beans” with my toys but didn’t play with it. Many years later, after many Christmases, I started going through boxes in my attic. As I rummaged through, I found “Bitty Beans” and immediately had that Christmas memory come back to me. It was not a good memory. I was very sorrowful that day and wanted so desperately to tell my parents I was sorry. I decided that I would put “Bitty Beans” in my closet to be an occasional reminder to be thankful for the things I am given. My parents did not have a lot of money and “Bitty Beans” was a special gift that my mother put much thought into. Today, my boys know about “Bitty Beans” as I try to teach them to be thankful.

Each day, God gives us little gifts. He lets us awake to a new day, He sets the sun in the sky, He gives us food and shelter, He gives us family, He gives us friends, and He gives us a plan for our day. As we go through our day, are we thankful to God for the gifts he so abundantly gives or do we think and act as if He should have done more. Today, I am going to move “Bitty Beans” to a more prominent place where I will see it more often. I want to be thankful “more often” to God for the blessings He gives.

Prayer:   God, Thank you for the gifts you give us every day. You are the reason we have anything we have and that we get to experience the beauty in the world. Help us all to remember our own “Bitty Beans” where we will be more thankful in the little things You do each day. Amen.



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