Unshaken through Shaken Times

Psalms 125

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever.

Thought for the Day:  Don’t let the day to day times of stress take you off the solid rock of faith.

As my family and I continue the steps in moving from one place to another, anxiety comes as we realize something needs to be done and that we need to do something else “right now”. Today, after another day of feeling anxious about a specific item and realizing I had been anxious over nothing, I read a devotional about being unshaken in our faith. I talk about my faith to most people I meet. I get into a conversation about where we are in our lives and I immediately begin talking about where I have seen God in my life. I was raised to know God and through many years I have seen God’s hand pull me through times of grief and times of turmoil. Then I look at how anxious I become when a problem arises and I realize that I can be “shaken” in my day to day routine.

But what about being “shaken” in my faith? That is when I realize that being raised in the faith gives me the “solid rock” to stand on as I am going through my “shaking” time. Although I feel anxious and I feel pressure, I have the underlying faith to know that God is going to be there to help me through. So, although my day to day life brings times of being shaken, I feel my faith is unshaken because I know God is with me through the struggle. Today, I realize that I will be thrown into some times of anxiety but I am going to keep my feet firmly planted on the solid rock where my faith can remain unshaken.

Prayer:   Father God, thank you for giving us the solid rock to stand on as we go through our days. Help us on the days we feel “shaken” to know that the underlying foundation you have given us will keep us “unshaken” in our faith. Be with us today to help others realize that You give us the faith that is “Unshaken”. Amen.




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