The Photo Shoot

Psalms 100:1-2

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the lands. Serve the Lord with gladness. Come into his presence with singing!

Thought for the day:  When blessings come, sing for joy.

Our family recently went to a portrait studio to have our annual pictures made before Christmas. We never know from one year to the next how the photo shoot will go, and most of the time it is simply amazing that we get any good pictures. By the time we finish each year, we are normally frustrated and very tired. This time was different and we actually had fun. As the pictures were being taken we were all happy and having fun as the pictures were being taken. The boys were giddy – including my husband, and I found myself laughing a lot. In turn, the photographer and her helpers in the room were all laughing as well. When we returned to pick up our pictures, even the girl at the counter commented on how “cute” the pictures were. As we chose the pictures to purchase, we saw examples of different effects we could use showing families who were all prim and proper in their beautiful elegant clothing and were obviously perfectly behaved. When we looked at our pictures, however, we saw giggles from our youngest as he acted silly and then stopped whatever he was doing to give a quick smile for the camera. We saw a pose from our oldest as he was obviously trying to hold gum in his cheek and gave a ridiculous grin. The best picture of the day was the one where we did a “silly” pose. The photographer loved that one.

As I read a devotional this morning, it talked about trying to keep happiness contained. But, it went on to say that if we are happy in life it is impossible to keep it contained. When I am happy, I sing. When my husband is happy, he gets silly. When my oldest child is happy, he tells stories. When my youngest is happy, watch out, because he sings, hums, smiles, and “laughs out loud”. As a family we feel God’s blessings so strong in our lives that we feel the obvious love He is sharing with us. We have found that we cannot contain the joy we feel and that all of the “happy” reactions to His love are evident. So, we give thanks to God today for all He has done in our lives. We have found that the more we feel thankful to God we find ourselves singing and praising Him.

Prayer:   Father God, thank you for laughter and singing. Thank you for showing us that You are leading us in a special way that brings us the want for singing. Be with us as we go through the day to feel your presence and to sing a joyful song. Amen.



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