Sharing Special Gifts

1 Peter 4:10

As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

Thought for the Day:  What gift has God given you?

I experienced the tenacity of a friend over the past couple of days that brought special memories of my mother. I asked friends if anyone had boxes I could use for packing and many responded to my amazement. But one in particular took it as a mission to find boxes for me. She called Walmart stores and grocery stores to find out when they put boxes out. She awoke in the wee morning hours and waited until certain times at night to go to those stores to load her car up with all types of boxes. Then she drove a distance to deliver them to our front porch. As I spoke to her yesterday as she brought a load, I told her that it seemed that she was on a mission. I also told her that she reminded me of my mother in so many ways. First, she is a United Methodist pastor’s wife, which means she knows how to find moving boxes. Secondly, she put a thought in her mind to find boxes and did not give up until she found and delivered them. I am ever grateful to her, God’s servant, for her precious gift of love to us in our time of need.

God calls each of us to share our gifts with those around us and this special child of God used her gifts to help us. What is God calling each of us to do today? To some, He gives the gift of cooking and sharing cooked goods with others. To others, he gives the gift of encouragement and sharing time with those who need a friend. And to others, He gives the gift of mission and sharing special gifts to those less fortunate. God has called each of us, and has called us by name. What will we do with that calling?

Prayer:   Thank you, Father, for the gifts you have given each of us, your children. Help us today to focus on those gifts and to use them in the way You ordain. Thank you for those who share those gifts with us. Amen.


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