My Companion

1 Peter 4:10

As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

Thought for the Day:  Pray for renewal and strength to live for Christ – Build those calluses.

I had a companion I always took everywhere I went when I was younger. During my time in college, I shared my car. During my time as a youth director, I shared my work. During my time on staff at Lake Junaluska, NC, I shared my room. My companion even suffered an injury on the front steps of Shackford Hall during that summer. And during my time of growing up, I shared almost everything. That “GUITAR” was my constant companion and helped me through a lot of wonderful and hard times. No matter where I went or where I needed support, that guitar was in my hand ready for whatever might come. As I listened to John Denver and Amy Grant, I thought I could be like them and that my guitar was going to “get me there”. My Daddy loved hearing me play and wanted to hear “This Old Guitar” and “Muhlenberg County”. I was never that good, and I depended on chord charts to get me through, but that didn’t matter, the guitar was still my companion that I depended on. Today I have lost my calluses that became apart of my chording fingers for so long and when I do play I just make it through – with some pain involved I must add.

As I look at that guitar that I do still love I have a longing to pick it up and play it as I did many years ago, but I don’t and I go on with life and the things I need to do. Is this how it is in God’s Church? There are so many who early in life find a place in Church to take part and show their passion to God. Then, in time and in the busyness of life fall away only to lose the calluses they earned through hard work and compassion. It is hard to grow back into the routine and to establish a new heart for worship and for Christ when those calluses fade away. But, it can be done. God is calling each of us to Him, either new Christians who never had the calluses to begin with or those who had extreme calluses from early life only to have lost them in time. Truthfully, we can’t do it alone. Truthfully, if we pray that God will give us those calluses again, He will do it but will do it in a more amazing way than we can imagine.

Prayer:   God, thank you for the memory today of life with calluses from times gone by. Be with us today to help us find those calluses again. Lord, God, be with us and draw us back into Your Worship and your arms, to do the work you would have us do in your Kingdom. Amen.


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