Stress Becomes Solace

John 14:18

“I will not leave you desolate; I will come to you.”

Thought for the Day:  When you are desolate, look for Christ in those around us.

I woke up and did my normal devotionals and my writing, as I normally begin each day. Then it happened. The spiritual day became a day of pure stress and anxiety. Throughout the past week, my boys and I have shared time with my husband in the place we will call home at some point in the next period of time. We had left knowing that some work was going to take place around our house to begin preparing it to sell and we had returned. On this particular day, I went outside to take some pictures of what had been done because I was not happy with one of the paint colors we had chosen. As I got to the front door, I saw movement and realized there was a painter working on our front door. As I opened the door to speak to him, he immediately began telling me that what we had planned for our front door was not going to work. Then, the saga of other “wrong” things began surfacing. My day that began with devotionals and writing had turned into “total stress”.

With Mark four hundred miles away, I was taking care of a lot on my own and felt helpless. Mark was there for support and to make a few calls, but I felt all alone for the first time in a very long time. The day proceeded to bring more and more stress, until God sent someone to me who could be supportive and could give me true advice. By the end of our conversation, this Christian man made me feel that things were not as bad as they seemed and that it was going to be okay. I have to admit that I was still overwhelmed, but at least I was able to look into someone’s eyes and feel that things were going to be fine. Mark still had to console me and to remind me that God is in the midst of this and that He has a plan.

Workers remained at our house throughout the rest of the day into the evening working to complete the task that had been put in front of them. The job was almost complete and I felt a calm by the end of the day. Throughout their time there, I finished a task inside the house that also brought me solace that I did something big to help in our transition.

Today, I woke up and did my normal devotionals and my writing. I know today will bring its challenges, but after yesterday, I know that God will be with me in everything I do…..even if things seem to fall apart. God will put those things back together in a wonderful way.

Prayer:   God, thank you for putting people in our lives who can make us feel that things are okay. Your words spoken through someone can bring us solace when there seems to be none. Help us today to see You in everyone and for others to see You in us. Amen.


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