Ultimate Happiness

Psalm 73:25

Whom have I in heaven but thee? And there is nothing upon earth that I desire besides thee. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.  

Thought for the Day:  God gives us the ultimate happiness

Today, as I sit in my husband’s apartment on one of our family visits during our transition, Mark and the boys are napping and I am taking in the precious moment. Today was the day I was going to leave the boys with their daddy for the afternoon and I had left to find solace in purchasing a couple of blouses and maybe spending some alone time drinking some coffee and writing. However, not long after I left, I received a call that my husband had eaten something and was having an allergic reaction. My time of solitude was cut short and I made my way back to the apartment. When I arrived we quickly dealt with making sure he had taken enough allergy medicine and soon he started feeling the reaction calming. I must admit that when the call came to me when I was about to begin my quest for new clothes, I felt a little sad that “my” time had been halted. Now, however, the quiet calm in the apartment has given me the true time I needed, not to buy something I wanted but to share precious time taking care of my family and spending time with God. I am thankful in this moment that I was here at the moment my husband needed me, that I am witnessing a beautiful sight as my husband and children sleep, and that now I am spending special time with God.

The devotional I read today spoke of how we look at life and what we expect from it. When I look at my wants and as I dream of things that would make me happy, I have to stop and think, “Is this the ultimate happiness I want?” Today, I wanted something that I was not able to get. Today, I got something more. I got to spend time with my family as one was in need and I got to spend time with the only One who can give me ultimate happiness.

Prayer:   God, help me keep in perspective what You desire for me. Help me see what you want for me and where you want me to be. I want to be in your presence and I want to be in your “Happy Place” you have planned for me.   Amen.


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