Reminders to Constantly Pray

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Thought for the Day:  Find constant reminders to pray.

One day awhile back, I wrote about the train horn that pierced through the quiet making me feel an urgency, an strong urgency to pray for a miracle. That day was special to me because in my urgent prayer I felt God hearing me and I felt that the prayer was going to be answered. When I shared this with my husband, we both began praying and felt His presence with us. Since that day, the train horn has been a reminder that takes place many times a day to remind both of us to pray. The urgency is not the same as the day the sound pierced through the quiet, but the reminder is there for me to stop and pray. God has led me to many sights and sounds throughout my time of writing that have now become constant reminders to pray. I wrote about the leaves moving in the trees so each time I observe the breeze moving the leaves, it is a reminder to pray. Each time I hear our chimes making their beautiful music, it is a reminder to pray.

How many constants in our daily lives can God use to remind us to pray and communicate with Him? If we truly listen to God through the sights and sounds of the day, we will realize that our communication with Him can be constant, and He wants us to constantly talk to Him and listen for His voice.

Prayer:   Thank you, God, for reminding us constantly to talk to You and to listen for Your voice. Thank you for the sound of a train horn, the leaves blowing in the breeze, and the experiences of the day.  You have helped us focus on You more because of those constants in our lives. Amen.


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