Our Protector

Mark 4:39

And he awoke and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace! Be Still”.

Thought for the Day:  God is our true protector.

My family inherited a German shepherd dog when our neighbors moved a long distance away. Cindy was the best family dog for us. She was a protector. One day as my brother, Coble, was playing with a little boy the little boy began to bully him. Cindy was nearby and without hurting him, grabbed him by the seat of the pants and held him until help could come for Coble. Throughout the years several instances happened similar to this. Later in her life was when we really noticed her protection. She was scared of storms so when storms came, she scratched on the door until we let her in. After she got in and we went to bed, she went into her protector mode and started making her rounds. She started in my bedroom where she laid on the floor beside my bed for a few minutes. Then, she made her way into my brothers’ bedroom and stayed between their beds for a while. After that, she went to my parents’ room and stayed there for a bit. She continued making the rounds until she felt everyone was safe then she finally got comfortable and slept for the night.     We loved Cindy and I have thought of her often, especially during storms.

Today, I look to God as my protector who will protect me from bullies who come into my life and will protect me from the storms. I have recently seen one bully who has been held by the seat of his pants until someone could come and help, and I have seen God protect us from many storms.

Prayer:   God, thank you for those wonderful memories of courageous pets who have protected us and that we have loved, but thank you more for the protection you give us every day, even when we do not know you are protecting us. You are our awesome protector and friend.  Amen.


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