Spreading God’s Love

Mark 16:15

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.”

Thought for the Day:  Go into the world and spread God’s word and to spread God’s love.

Toward the end of my fourth grade year, my teacher wanted to teach about plants so she gave each of us a plant to put in a pot of soil. I’m sure she was teaching us about what plants need and how to take care of our plant. Evidently I loved that plant very much and when we moved that next summer, the plant went along with us. The end of the story could come when the plant died from neglect as you would imagine, but that is not what happened. Daddy reluctantly let me plant the “beautiful” plant in the soil of a flowerbed next to our new house. After some time, we noticed the plant was thriving and it was spreading through the flowerbed. After time, I forgot about the potted plant I took with me when we moved, but my Daddy had not forgotten. Years later, my Daddy laughed and said, “That ‘weed’ you brought from Jackson when we moved, spread all over Camden!” I laughed at the moment but was deeply embarrassed when Daddy shared that it was not a beautiful plant but a weed that I taken with me when we moved years before.

As I read my scriptures this morning, they seemed to all be focused on the “Spreading of God’s Word”. As I read, I kept thinking about this story of the “spreading weed” and realized that it is a perfect example. We moved from Jackson, Tennessee, where this plant was abundant to a place that did not have this “special plant”. After a time of spreading, Camden also had an abundance of this plant. When we go from place to place in our daily lives or in a special move to a new place, will we “spread” the love God has given us to those people we meet? Will we choose to place our “roots” deep into the ground where we walk so God’s love will thrive and spread? I pray that God’s love can be seen in me as I go from place to place.

Prayer:   God, thank you for the people who have gone ahead of us to spread your love where we could receive it so abundantly. Help us each day to spread that love and to plant that love in such a way it will continue. Amen.

Prayer Focus: PLANT LOVERS

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