God Sends Friends

Romans 12:10

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Thought for the Day:  How can we show God’s love to our friends

A special person was a friend to me after my husband passed away twenty years ago. He was a musician colleague to David and played with him on many occasions. David was driving to his house for a jazz practice when the car accident happened. Howard quickly took the reins to make sure everything was done that could be done to help me through a tough time. I mentioned to my husband, Mark, recently that without my asking, he went to the lot where the wreckage was held to get items out of the trunk. Since David was driving to the rehearsal, he had his keyboard and amp in the trunk that had been left there as the car was towed to the lot. The evening of the visitation for my husband, Howard informed me that he had gotten the keyboard out and that it was intact. When I opened it a few days later I found the keyboard in perfect working condition with only a dent in the side to remind me of the accident. I set up the keyboard in the upstairs studio David had built. Throughout the next months, I took solace in that room sequencing songs and recording other songs accompanied by my guitar, even writing several songs as therapy during those hard months.

This friend helped me by doing the traumatic job of going through the car in which his dear friend had lost his life, and securing something special for that friend’s widow. When I received the keyboard back it gave me many hours and days of hearing David’s songs and gave me the new experiences of writing and sharing songs I had written. I am thankful to God for putting this friend in my life, and although I haven’t seen him much through the years, I still think of him often and pray a thankful word to God. He was a brother in Christ in a time of trouble.

God placed someone in my life, who was from a totally different world than I had ever been a part of, and used him to help me through a hard time.  I pray I can be that type of friend to people who are placed in my life.

Prayer:   God, thank you for friends who take care of me even when I do not know it. Let me be the type of person who can do this for others. Amen.


2 thoughts on “God Sends Friends

    1. I saw that you had started following the other day! This has been a very busy week at school so I didn’t have much time to respond. I cherish that I am “seeing you again” too. Blessings on your day – Great to see you!


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