Angels Watching Over Me

Acts 12:11

And Peter came to himself and said, “Now I am sure that the Lord has sent his angel and rescued me from the hand of Herod and from all that the Jewish people were expecting.”

Thought for the Day:  Angels watching over me, every move I make.  Angels watching over me.

Amy Grant wrote and recorded a song in her early years that has been stuck in my mind over the last few days. The song is about Peter after he was thrown into prison. He prayed for those around him and without his knowledge there were many outside the walls praying for him. One night, a bright light came and the chains that held him in the cell fell off and the cell doors flung open and he was free. Angels had released him from the prison that held him and everyone around knew that God had sent them.

“Angels, watching over me, every move I make, Angels watching over me.” I believe hearing this song in my younger years probably was the first time I really could think about angels being around me. I had heard from my early childhood that God sent angels, but this song made it more real to me and made me realize that angels were around me just as they were for Peter. Many times, mostly when I am driving, I think back about situations that arise during my time behind the wheel and I wonder how many times angels have protected my family and me. Times that departures have been delayed, trips have been cancelled, air conditioner going out, or even a wait for a child to find a favorite toy before we could leave the house could all be times when angels were keeping us from harm.

How many times have we been surrounded by angels without having any idea they were there? How many times have those angels kept us from harm? There is no way to know, but it is very assuring for me that God has sent them our way.

Prayer: God, thank you for sending your angels to us to protect us from harm. We cannot see them and we forget they are there, but then when we look back over instances in our lives, we can see that they were there. Thank you for your amazing love for us that you would send angels to us. Amen.

Prayer Focus:  Those needing protection

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