Thank You….For a Worksheet?

Psalms 100:4

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him, bless his name!

Thought for the Day:  Parents, teach your chldren to be thankful…where they can teach others. 

I always seem to have the sweetest students in my classroom and fall in love with them from the very beginning of the school year. There are those students, however, who seem more loving, more caring, and more thankful than the normal sweet student. I had a student last year that started something in my classroom that seemed to trickle from one student to the next. This child, William, was as sweet as he could be and when I passed out worksheets to the class I would hear a soft “Thank you” from him and I would reply “You are so welcome.” A couple of other students followed his words offering their thanks as well. This went on the entire school year and by the end of the year, there seemed to be a competition to who was going to say “Thank you” first.  It seemed that every time I did anything for them the Thank yous would start and I would actually have to stop them. As a mother, I am always reminding my children to say “Please” and “Thank you” hoping it will be come a wonderful habit. It is obvious that William’s mother had impressed upon her son to be appreciative for things given and things done for him. It came naturally and was a habit.

God calls us to be thankful and wants us to be happy in all the things given to us or done for us. As I look forward to a new day, I want to look to everything with much gratitude and gladness. As I witnessed in my classroom last year, I want to start the “trickle effect” for those around me where we can all be happy and full of gratitude for all God has led us to today.

Prayer:   God, thank you for children and adults who are examples of how You want us to live each day with thanks and gratitude.   Thank you for parents who teach their children to be grateful and thank you to the children who teach other children (and adults) about your love. Amen.


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