A Child’s Love and Nurture

John 13:24

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

Thought for the Day:  God gives each of us different ways of showing His love to others.

Our son is one of the most loving and caring children one could find anywhere. It seems as if he was born with the quiet, loveable, and sensitive personality that simply loves. From the time he was old enough to have friends, he became friends with a little boy at church. They were with each other in the nursery and they were together their first two years of preschool. They played together so well and obviously loved being together. As they aged, we noticed that Nathaniel helped his little friend – he helped him at Easter egg hunts, with meeting friends in the nursery, and by simply loving him. In their third year of preschool when they were both three years old, they were separated into different classes of preschool for the first time. Nathaniel was hesitant when he realized his friend was not with him, but he faced it and went on with his day. But his friend had much difficulty and could not stop crying. The teachers knew about their relationship so they pulled them out in the hallway. Nathaniel, as we were told, put his arm around his friend and told him it was going to be okay. Their teachers assured them that they would be together at playtime. Nathaniel was pulled out to talk to his friend several times during the school year when he was upset and we understand from the teachers that their loving relationship, with Nathaniel’s early way of nurturing, was known throughout the preschool.

God gives us all different personalities and talents. Some are quiet and caring, some are funny and jovial, some are great speakers of the gospel, some are writers who write about their faith, but all work together to glorify God. God gave Nathaniel a very loving and caring personality that has always led him to help friends. He still comes home from school speaking of difficulties students are having and that he has done something to help them. What gift has God given us – how are we to use that gift to glorify Him?

Prayer:   God, thank you for creating each of us to have different personalities and talents. Help us today to use the talent you gave us to glorify Your name and to bring people closer to You. You are an awesome God and we love you. Amen.


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