God’s Desires for Us

Psalms 37:4

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Thought for the Day:  Listen to God each day to realize the desires He has for us.

“Mama, can I have a new LEGO set?” “Mommie, can I have chocolate milk, please?” “But Mama, that house had a media room.” Within the last week, I have had a lot of requests from my children and I have had to be smart in the way I responded. As I think about the prayers I pray and the requests I make to God everyday, I reflect on how He responds to me. As I read my scriptures this morning and read my morning devotionals, it touched me when I realized that God actually leads us to the specific prayers we pray and to the desires of our hearts. As we grow in our faith, we also grow in our wisdom about the requests we make to God and the prayers we pray. As we follow God, we should listen to where He is leading us and to the desires He has for us.

Where do our desires come from? Do our prayers and desires come from our childish wants when we see something and immediately ask God for them or do our desires come to us through God who has taught us to live the Christian faith listening to Him along the way?   My desire now is to listen to God today and to let Him lead me to the desires of my heart.

Prayer:   God, thank you for the devotionals and scriptures you bring to us each day that help us change our thoughts to Your thoughts. Help us listen to Your desires for us and help us know that You want the best for us. Amen.


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