Somewhere Out There

Psalms 145:18-19

The Lord is near to all who call upon him, to all who call upon him in truth. He fulfills the desire of all who fear him, he also hears their cry, and saves them.   

Thought for the Day:  God is with us all the time, closer than our breath.

“Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moon light, someone’s thinking of me, and loving me tonight. Somewhere out there, someone’s saying a prayer that we’ll find one another, in that big somewhere out there.” This sweet song from the little children’s movie, “The American Tail” goes through my mind often. In the movie, a brother and a sister get separated and they try to find each other. At night the two look longingly toward the sky and sing this song praying they can find each other. This has taken a greater meaning to me recently as my husband has taken a position in a church many miles away and the children and I have stayed behind until we can make arrangements and plans to move there. We are fortunate, however, that through technology we can actually visit with each other seeing each other’s faces and expressions as we share time together. There is some solace in knowing where our loved one is in that moment.

Sometimes we, as God’s children, think that God is “somewhere out there” and we wish we could see Him face to face. But, when we listen to God’s Word, we are assured that He is with us all the time, closer than our breath. As we do not really need technology to know that our loved one is near to our heart, we do not need to “SEE” God’s face because we know without a doubt that He is near.

Prayer:   God, thank you for loving us and being very near to our hearts. Help us listen to Your Word every day and help us feel that nudge that is obviously from you to lead us in the direction You would have us go. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Somewhere Out There

  1. Donna I appreciate your devotionals , they are a great inspiration for me to start my day. and speaking of days of frustration I had one like you spoke of,maybe it was one that comes around occasionally. Your reading today gave me an up lift ,looking forward to a better day May God continue to bless you and your family.You may not know me, I am Winona and Leeta Rushing mother.Have a wonderful day.


    1. Mrs. Naomi! Of course I know you. I knew you when I was a child and then was able to know you years later in Dyersburg! You are a very special lady and I truly appreciate your sweet words today. I hope you had a better day and that your days to come are wonderful as well.


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