A Peaceful Day

Psalms 145:5

On the glorious splendor of his majesty, and on thy wondrous works, I will meditate. 

Thought for the Day:  We can find God when we slow down and find a special place to listen

We had a time away when we were able to go to a family farm for an afternoon. The farm had everything; fishing, swinging, resting spots, turtle watching. As our family drove to get there for this family time, arguments and talks took place that brought on a lot of anxiety to my husband and me as we tried to settle the spirits of our high-spirited children. There was a point when I thought we would have to forego the plans and turn around to go home.

Our oldest son did not want to go on the outing and our younger son did not know what to expect, so the tense arguments took place. When we arrived, we shared a few minutes with family and ate our meal, but our eldest son ate and then went to be alone with his iPod. The youngest ate quickly where he could explore the area and to talk to everyone he could talk to, especially pretty ladies. As the day progressed, my husband and I both took some personal time to talk to our eldest about what was going on in his heart and we were able to use the calmness of the outdoors to chat with him in a way he could understand. Our youngest continued exploring in a safe place so we knew he was okay. Toward the end of our time away, our eldest son started taking part by fishing with his daddy, and swinging with his brother. By the end, we saw beautiful laughter and love between the brothers, and my husband and I had experienced the love of our oldest, our baby, in a special way.

God gave us the day of spending time with the serene sounds of the outdoors. We could hear the birds singing, the katydids communicating, and the beautiful sound of the leaves being touched by the breeze. We then experienced the change in our son as he was touched by the peace found in the place where God sent us for the day. As I reflected on my life and the turmoil that seems to come on a daily basis, I realized that God gives me the time to read my devotionals and write my thoughts each morning as His way of giving me that special place with Him.

Prayer:   God, thank you for taking us to unexpected places where we can feel close to you. Help us to listen to You as you lead us each day to the places and times when we can commune more with You. Amen.



One thought on “A Peaceful Day

  1. Reminds me of being at the lake sitting on our screened in deck and just listening. People who where born and raised in the city wouldn’t believe how different it can be. Here you hear traffic, sirens there you hear animals, frogs, bugs and nature. The sound of nature at night in a rural place at night is deafening but so beautiful. But you know that! Benton Co. will always be my refuge! Have a great day, love you girl! Lisa


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