Living a Bit of Heaven Everyday

Hebrews 12:1

Let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us. (RSV)

Thought for the Day:  We are living a little bit of Heaven right here everyday

After hearing of my precious Uncle David’s death this week and hearing special words about him, I have in the forefront of my mind those who have gone before me. There is a great “cloud of witnesses” in Heaven living with Jesus and celebrating all the time. Yesterday, as I was talking to a special colleague about Heaven and our thoughts about what it is going to be like, I remembered an image from social media of a grave marker that depicted a little boy rising from a wheelchair as if he was being released from his handicap here on Earth. Some of the first remarks I heard after my brother Coble, then my brother Ricky, passed away were, “He doesn’t need a wheelchair anymore!” That thought soothed me when I was in my early twenties and still today as I try to visualize them in Heaven. My immediate thought is of them running and playing, and then it is of their celebration when my mother, and then my daddy went to Heaven to join them. Sometimes, I begin to feel sorry for myself and wonder why I have been left. It is then that I visualize my family in Heaven looking down on me saying, “Look at that sweet family of Donna’s, what a blessing they are to each other! Then Jesus saying to them, “Just wait! The best is yet to come!”

There is a great cloud of witnesses in Heaven that now includes David Henderson celebrating with God and with each other.  To me, that knowledge helps in reminding me everyday that God is with me now and that He is with me as I grieve, as I live, as I grow, and as I experience His creations on earth. I can wait for Heaven, because a little part of Heaven is right here with me as I live each day.

Prayer:   God, thank you for all of those family and friends who are apart of that great cloud of witnesses who are with You in Heaven. Help me to remember them everyday and to see You in everything I do and in every experience. You have given me “Heaven in the Real World”, and I am thankful. Amen.


boy rising from wheelchair

4 thoughts on “Living a Bit of Heaven Everyday

  1. Donna, I am so very proud of you!!! Your blog moves me to tears most every day! I sure do miss you! May God continue to use you as His instrument of inspiration and healing!


  2. My heart is heavy and happy, all at the same time. Sweet Ricky and Coble and your wonderful parents – what a precious family and precious human souls. God is holding them now. I’ve no doubt! What a wonderful homecoming that will be when we all join there. Thank you, dear Father!


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