Fishers of Men

Mark 1:17

And Jesus said to them, “Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men.”

Thought for the Day:  I will make you fishers of men

Today, as I read the scripture for my devotional, the thought of my sweet Daddy came to my mind. Mark 1:16-20 is the scripture where Jesus calls His disciples to be “fishers of men”. My Daddy loved to fish, it was his favorite hobby and anytime he was not around, we knew he must be fishing. He shared with me often that when he was fishing it didn’t matter if he caught anything or not. The reason he went fishing was to be alone with God and with his thoughts. It was his way to get away from his phone for awhile to have his time with God. Daddy would go to the lake anytime he could, put his boat in with his fishing gear, and would go out into the middle of the lake. He would sit with his fishing pole waiting for a bite, but it didn’t matter if the bite came. What mattered was hearing God’s voice. When he came home, he was refreshed and ready for those phone calls and visits he needed to make as a pastor. His time with God while he was out on that boat made him into the “fisher of men” to those in the church and those friends who needed him. God called my Daddy to be a “fisher of men” when he was very young and Daddy made it a priority to hear God’s voice to become the best “fisher of men” that he could be.

Today, I can’t say I have the desire to go out on a lake and fish, but I do have the desire to find my time with God. I feel that time creates in me a knowledge of where He is leading me and the clear thoughts of how I should be with my children and my students. “Fisher of men”, that is who God calls us to be.

Prayer:   Father God, who calls us to be “Fishers of Men”, thank you for the people who have been so important in our lives in bringing Your love and compassion to us. Help us to be like You in following in the steps of those who taught us to be like You. Help us be this to others as we go through each day. Amen.


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