In His Mercy, Hear Our Prayers

Daniel 9:18

We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy.

Thought for the Day:  God hears our prayers and answers them in surprising ways.

My Daddy loved to surprise me occasionally as I grew into adulthood. One day, I remember coming home from college and seeing the cutest little car, a brown Mustang with a cream-colored roof, parked in my parents’ carport. My Daddy was so proud when he realized what a great surprise it was for me that he had “pulled one over on me” and had surprised me with such a great gift. It was a used car, but to me in that moment, it was the grandest thing I had ever seen. I remember then driving the car, with him in the passenger seat, back to my college town to drive around where I could show off my new car. My Daddy’s timing of knowing my need for a car and then his timing of when he could surprise me best was perfect. I did not know that I had a need for a car nor had I asked for it. It just appeared when I least expected it. My Daddy’s love for me, and not my desire for anything, led me to that car. I drove that Mustang for many years and often thought of my Daddy’s “surprise”.

Today, as I reflect on God’s gifts to us and when the best gifts come, I realize that the best gifts from Him come in times we least expect.   Through His mercy, not through our deserving, do we receive the best gifts from Him. Today, I humbly ask God to bring His surprises to us knowing that “In His Mercy, He hears our prayers” and that His answers to our prayers are better than we can imagine or even know we need.

Prayer:   God, thank you for bringing us Your grand surprises. Please help us pray humbly, “In His Mercy, hear our prayers”, and then help us to wait for You to answer our prayers in Your amazing way. Amen.


2 thoughts on “In His Mercy, Hear Our Prayers

  1. Donna… your name came up at Bible study at BUM after Ms. Rita had often included you in our prayers… for your husband finding a position with the church. We here your prayers were answered. Then came this wonderful reference to your blog from which is a refreshing morning moment with God. Thank you, Sue Weaver


    1. Thanks you, Mrs. Sue! We are in a new phase of this transition right now and feel a peace about how things are turning out. We have a long way to go, but God “busted” the door down when He announced to us that this was going to happen so we know He will be with us through it all. Blessings – Donna


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