The Face of God

2 Timothy 2:21

Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.

Thought for the Day:  Seeing the Face of God in others

I walked into my first day of fifth grade as a shy, new student to a school. Although my brothers were at the same school, I entered alone and was scared to death. I did not know where to go and it seemed that everyone just walked passed me. Then, out of what seemed nowhere was “Mrs. Pam”. Mrs. Pam was a member of our new church and saw me standing with my head down, not knowing a soul or where I was to go. Her remembrance of that moment was that when I saw her, my eyes got big and excited, and a big smile came across my face. I went from being sad and lonely to feeling known and accepted within a second. I just needed to see a familiar, friendly face.   She took me to my new class and made sure I felt connected to the teacher and friends in my class.

Sometimes I still feel alone, but I know that I can always look for God’s face in family and friends. That gives me the assurance that I am accepted whole-heartedly by God and that He loves me. I also know that I can pray at any moment for anything in my heart and that He will listen. As children of God, we can all have that assurance that He is listening and ready to show Himself to us. Mrs. Pam was my face of God that day. Where will we find the face of God today and who will we be the face of God for today?

Prayer:   God, thank you for those people who have helped us find security and acceptance in our lives. They have been your face to us when we have been alone. Please help us learn to be your face to those we meet. Amen.


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